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What is phibrows

PhiBrows Microblading is a hyperrealistic technique of drawing eyebrows manually (using microblading). PhiBrows is one of the most popular beauty treatments today thanks to the range of benefits it provides to the clients.

The true essence of PhiBrows Microblading treatment is that the design in this procedure is obtained by using the golden ratio. The golden ratio represents a proportion that already exists in the design of all living forms on the planet. The proportion is the ratio of two sizes or lengths, and in this case, it is 1: 1.618.

This proportion is also called Divine proportion, and the objects and forms that have it are perceived as something beautiful. In mathematics and art, the number 1,618 is known as the Greek letter Phi, which is why this treatment was named PhiBrows, or eyebrows drawn by a divine design.

What is
PhiBrows Microblading training?

PhiBrows Microblading training is not just a regular eyebrow drawing course. PhiBrows Microblading is the only microblading brand in the world, which allows our Artists to earn more and to have an international career. During the PhiBrows Microblading training course, our students receive support from Phi Academy from the first day, and that support lasts throughout their career, not only during the training.

During the course, our students adopt advanced microblading techniques, learn about skin, special rules related to hygiene, skincare, but also about ways to find clients and build a quality relationship with them.

What sets PhiBrows Students apart from others at the very beginning is the exclusive opportunity to adopt the microblading skill at the source – at the PhiAcademy, the place where modern microblading originated.

Branko Babić, the creator of the PhiBrows Microblading method and founder of the PhiAcademy, created a completely different method that is not only about learning eyebrows but is also focused on developing the entire career of our students through the famous PhiAcademy Hexaplan.

How long does Phibrows training last?

Phibrows training begins with the two-day live training that consists of two parts:

Day 1

Theoretical part: introduction to skin problems and condition, basics of eyebrow design according to the golden ratio, hygiene, use and mixing of colors (color theory).

Day 2

Practical part: modular exercise through levels on latex (artificial leather) and work on a live model.

What After ??

Both the theoretical and practical part of the training takes place under the watchful eye of the Master who is there to answer the Students’ questions and provide appropriate support and advice.

The modular approach to learning means that the eyebrows are divided into 8 parts that are practiced completely separately and eventually merge into one unity. This approach helps to prevent Students from getting overwhelmed and confused by too much information during the course.

PhiBrows Microblading treatment cannot be mastered in two days. The goal of the two-day live training is to learn how to exercise properly through clearly defined tasks.

After the live training, participants gain access to the Craftmaster online learning platform, where all registered students go through online education on PhiBrows Microblading treatment. Participants are required to pass all technical modules on the Craftmaster platform within 6 months with all the necessary support from the Master. On average, Students pass the levels on the online platform in 3 or 4 months, which means that those who are diligent have more time to practice and can complete the course in less than 6 months.

Phi Academy’s advice: If you are thinking of enrolling in PhiBrows Microblading course, we advise you to download the Craftmaster app before enrolling in the course and create your profile where you can already check how Artists around the world are advancing.

We especially highlight online training, which is becoming increasingly popular because it reduces the total cost of the training. If you choose online training, you can always organize the practical part on a live model later with the Royal Artist or Master.


Types of PhiBrows training

Because PhiAcademy attendees are not just beginners, our academy has developed three types of training packages depending on how much you are willing to invest in your career.

Premium Kit

Standard Kit

Starter Kit

How can I develop
my career?



Royal Artist

Master Associate

Craft Master

Grand Master

What You
Will Get ?

Once the live 2-day training session is completed, all participants receive a Certificate of Participation. Only once they have completed all of the tasks set out in the CraftMaster App, do they receive the Phi brows Artist Certificate and their own place on the Map of Artists or Technicians on PhiAcademy’s official website.

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