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Where physical appearance is concerned, the best tool a woman has at her disposal is the right choice of lipstick. Given that in today’s world women are expected to be flawless at all times, more and more are opting for permanent lip makeup. A seemingly small change, such as a new shade of lipstick, can totally change not only a woman’s entire appearance, but her self-confidence and the way she feels about herself.

The PhiLips technique is ideal PMU for any woman who wants fuller-looking lips and a bold lipstick effect. With this pigmentation method, pigment is gently inserted into the surface layer of skin using exceptionally fine needles, with complete focus on precision.

Full shading pigmentation is ideal for correcting and neutralizing any disproportion and asymmetry, as well as covering minor scars and irregularities of color.

What is
Philips Online training?

The PhiLips Course is a special educational course provided by PhiAcademy. It teaches participants about the best pigmentation methods that will optimize or improve the physical appearance of their clients.

The PhiLips Course pairs exceptionally well with other courses offered by PhiAcademy, in particular, the PhiContour Course. By mastering both techniques, participants expand on the types of services they can offer their clients, adding even more potential for financial gain.

How long does PhiLips Online training last?

The PhiLips Online course gives you 6 month access to all PhiLips materials


Theoretical part: how to prepare the client, what PHIlIPS course includes, a course on hygiene, color theory, face anatomy, appropriate care after treatment.


Every student will be in direct communication with the Master through the Craft Master App. Student work submissted and corrected online.

What After ??

Both the theoretical and the practical parts of the course are completed under the watchful eye of a Master, who is there to answer any questions the Students may have and to provide the right support and advice.

Mastering the PhiLips treatment DOES NOT happen in a day. The objective of this 1-day training course is to learn how to practice properly through clearly defined tasks.

Once they have completed the live training session, participants receive access to the CraftMaster Online Learning Platform. This platform provides Students with continued education through online training on how to perform the PhiLips treatment. Participants are obliged to complete and pass all of the technique modules uploaded onto the CraftMaster Platform within a period of 6 months. During this time they receive all of the necessary support of a Master.


What is included in the
Starter Kit?

Each Student receives their own Starter Kit, which includes all of the necessary tools and products they need to practice their technique successfully for starters and everything they need to continue their work in the future.

PhiLips Starter Kit

PhiLips Starter kit With Simplicity Artist Machine

PhiLips Starter kit With Simplicity Master Machine

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Craft Master

Grand Master

What You
Will Get ?

Once the live 1-day training session is completed, all participants receive a Certificate of Participation. Only once they have completed all of the tasks set out in the CraftMaster App, do they receive the PhiLips Artist Certificate and their own place on the Map of Artists or Technicians on PhiAcademy’s official website.

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